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Tubing and Bands"Tubing and Bands"
Episode 198Duration: 27:32

Learn how to perform a variety of unique exercises for the entire body using tubing and bands.

TRX Whole Body Workout"TRX Whole Body Workout"
Episode 197Duration: 26:53

Suspension training using one's bodyweight is a challenging and fun way to exercise which is also gentle on the joints.

Episode 196Duration: 29:27

Learn how to safely perform 3 different types of deadlifts.

Movement Screen"Movement Screen"
Episode 195Duration: 28:58

An effective movement screen can help you identify your postural issues, muscle imbalances, and faulty movement patterns, which will improve exercise programming.

Pushing Exercises"Pushing Exercises"
Episode 192Duration: 27:33

Host Chad Marschik shares his tips on safely performing pushing exercises.

Stretches for Golfers"Stretches for Golfers"
Episode 191Duration: 29:39

Follow host Chad Marschik as he prepares golfers young and old to play their greatest game.

Upper Body Exercises for Pitchers with Eric Jokisch"Upper Body Exercises for Pitchers with Eric Jokisch"
Episode 190Duration: 27:20

Follow host Chad Marschik and pitcher Eric Jokisch of the Chicago Cubs as they guide you through a series of upper body exercises for pitchers.

Body Symmetry Transformation Part 6: Whole Body Strength Training"Body Symmetry Transformation Part 6: Whole Body Strength Training"
Episode 184Duration: 28:51

Program 6 will build overall strength throughout your entire body.

Body Symmetry Transformation Part 5: Strength Training 2"Body Symmetry Transformation Part 5: Strength Training 2"
Episode 183Duration: 29:10

Program 5 will build strength in your chest, back, triceps, and core.

Body Symmetry Transformation Part 4: Strength Training 1"Body Symmetry Transformation Part 4: Strength Training 1"
Episode 182Duration: 28:36

Program 4 will build strength in your legs, shoulders, and biceps.

Body Symmetry Transformation Part 3: Advanced Posture & Stability"Body Symmetry Transformation Part 3: Advanced Posture & Stability"
Episode 181Duration: 27:46

Program 3 focuses on improving your posture and developing more stability in your joints.

Body Symmetry Transformation Part 2: Corrective Exercise"Body Symmetry Transformation Part 2: Corrective Exercise"
Episode 180Duration: 28:42

Program 2 focuses on correcting postural issues, muscle imbalances, and movement flaws.

Body Symmetry Transformation Part 1: Building a Base"Body Symmetry Transformation Part 1: Building a Base"
Episode 179Duration: 28:58

Program 1 focuses on establishing a fitness base.

Gracie Barra"Gracie Barra"
Episode 177Duration: 29:59

Want to learn more about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? Check out what goes on at Gracie Barra Springfield!

Episode 174Duration: 28:31

While sometimes dismissed as something less than scientific, proper acupuncture can lead to to stronger holistic health.

Asymmetrically Loaded Exercises"Asymmetrically Loaded Exercises"
Episode 173Duration: 28:52

Much of the work we preform every day is done asymmetrically, so it can be important to include both balanced and unbalanced loads in your workouts.

Foam Rollers"Foam Rollers"
Episode 172Duration: 29:40

Foam rollers are versatile tools -- especially if used correctly!

Whole Body Circuit Training"Whole Body Circuit Training"
Episode 171Duration: 29:09

Training using circuits allows flexibility while ensuring a full workout.

Squats 101"Squats 101"
Episode 170Duration: 29:34

Everything you wanted to know (and more!) about squats.

Shoulder Health & Performance"Shoulder Health & Performance"
Episode 168Duration: 28:28

Learn how to take care of one of the more complex joints in the body.

Bulletproof Your Hamstrings"Bulletproof Your Hamstrings"
Episode 167Duration: 27:46

Hamstring injuries need not happen. Decide for yourself if you have been performing the right hamstring exercises to prevent injury and improve performance.

Body Weight Exercises"Body Weight Exercises"
Episode 165Duration: 30:19

Who needs fancy equipment?! Your body is an amazing tool -- learn how to use it.

Balance Training"Balance Training"
Episode 164Duration: 28:55

Better balance yields better performance!

Run Away from Pain"Run Away from Pain"
Episode 163Duration: 27:43

Running doesn't have to hurt any more. Learn how to analyze your mechanics, identify weak links, and perform corrective exercises to keep you running for life.

Power Training"Power Training"
Episode 162Duration: 28:17

So, you want to be more powerful? These "uplifting", tried, and true exercises will show you how to increase your power.

Elderly Exercise"Elderly Exercise"
Episode 161Duration: 29:18

You are never too old to exercise! We will show what you can do with minimal equipment, regardless of age or physical ability.

Breakfast Made Simple"Breakfast Made Simple"
Episode 160Duration: 28:59

Nobody wants to spend a lot of time preparing the first meal of the day. Learn how to prepare a couple of delicious and nutritious breakfasts in no time flat!

Baseball Conditioning Part II"Baseball Conditioning Part II"
Episode 159Duration: 29:50

Playing baseball incorporates a broad range of movements, and players need a proven comprehensive workout.

Baseball Conditioning Part I"Baseball Conditioning Part I"
Episode 158Duration: 29:16

Playing baseball incorporates a broad range of movements, and players need a proven comprehensive workout.

Athletic Core Training"Athletic Core Training"
Episode 157Duration: 27:54

This program features advanced, athletic core movements designed to challenge the high performance crowd.

Pulley Systems"Pulley Systems"
Episode 155Duration: 29:10

Pulley and cable systems can be used to create some very effective exercises that challenge you in ways you might never have conceived.

Core Movements"Core Movements"
Episode 154Duration: 28:48

Core training for the masses! Learn how to train your core safely and effectively.

Overcoming Neck Pain and Balance Issues"Overcoming Neck Pain and Balance Issues"
Episode 151Duration: 29:33

This informative program covers two distinct areas of wellness. Physical therapists Leah Boente-Hulcher and Brigitte Cutler walk you through a number of movements to maintain neck mobility and improve the balance you need to keep you on your feet every day.

Plyometric Training"Plyometric Training"
Episode 149Duration: 29:12

This program will reveal how to perform a full range of plyometric training techniques in a progressive, easy-to-understand manner.

Youth Baseball Conditioning Program"Youth Baseball Conditioning Program"
Episode 148Duration: 29:40

Young baseball players need to stress the "go" muscles in their body, not the "show" muscles. Learn to perform a basic program designed to prevent injury and improve performance on the mound.

What to Eat"What to Eat"
Episode 147Duration: 30:16

Do you know how to prepare a healthy meal and when to eat it? Learn how to prepare healthy, basic meals that will fuel your body throughout the day.

Working the Hip Effectively"Working the Hip Effectively"
Episode 146Duration: 29:38

Incorporating multi-directional movements to stress the hip musculature will effectively enhance every exercise you perform by improving stability.


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